Visit Auvergne

“I had never been to Auvergne, yet for some obscure reason it captured my imagination. It was an unknown, uncharted land which even many of my French friends didn’t know, a country with one-way traffic only; for the Auvergnat often leaves Auvergne, but few strangers penetrate his world of extinct volcanoes, rivers and lakes.”

-Peter de Polnay

What is Visit Auvergne?

Auvergne is a historic province in Central France that includes the departments of Allier, Cantal, Puy-de-Dôme, and Haute-Loire.

Often overlooked, it is home to some of the world’s most alluring monuments, cultural traditions, and nature reserves, including the spectacular Chaîne des Puys UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visit Auvergne is your guide to Auvergne’s many wonders. A project of re-discovery and engagement, it aims to showcase Auvergne’s fascinating past and present.

Who runs it?

Visit Auvergne was founded by Dr A.D. Manns, a historian, poet, and Auvergne resident who has spent over a decade exploring and promoting little-known aspects of diverse cultures from around the world.

For more on his work, see this interview with The Warburg Institute

I’m interested in planning a trip to Auvergne. Can you help?

Of course! Use the form below to get in contact.