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Superstitions of Auvergne: Part 2

“In Auvergne, too, you will find again the homely farms, with great hearths and cupboard-beds…the strange superstitions and beliefs; the markets, the picturesque processions and dances, the music, the songs, the stories.”

-Frances M. Gostling

 This is the second part of our abridged version of Antoinette Bon’s list of Auvergne superstitions:

If one on his way to ask a favour meets a dog looking at him with a wagging tail, he may be sure his favour will be granted; if on the contrary the dog barks, he will be disappointed.

If one dreams of eggs, snakes, or lice, death will come in one’s family before long. 

If one would make sure to awaken very early, one must say five De Profundis [a Catholic prayer from the Book of Psalms, verse 130] in honour of their souls in purgatory.

To sneeze three times before noon omens well.

The young girl who loses her garter or her apron will be forsaken by her lover.

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