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Hidden Clermont-Ferrand: Maison Savaron

The Italian Renaissance, to which Clermont owes the lovely maison de Savaron on rue des Chaussetiers, makes its presence felt in Auvergne. -Marcellin Boudet Anyone who admires Renaissance architecture will find much to marvel at in the older quarters of Clermont-Ferrand. Here mazes of uneven cobbled streets almost always lead to a quiet square or corner […]

What to See: The Strange Chapel Built Inside a Volcanic Monolith

Deep in the heart of the Cantal mountains lies a quiet, out-of-the-way village called Fontanges. Overshadowed by the larger, more far-famed towns of Aurillac and Salers, it’s the sort of place that doesn’t appear on most trip itineraries. In fact, most tourists have never heard of it. Yet Fontanges possesses a one-of-a-kind treasure: the Monolithic […]