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Henri Lecoq’s Haunting Encounter with the Brocken Spectre

The mountain hunters of past centuries have seen unaccountable and terrible forms in the mountain mists, and legends have carried the phenomena from the plainly natural to the weirdly superhuman. – J. Gordon McPherson The world is full of haunted places — each with its own bone-chilling claim to infamy. That said, few places can […]

A Wellness Paradise: Mont-Dore and the Fountain of Youth

Mont Dore is a charming resort for the tourist, the holiday-maker, the rest-seeker who wishes for lovely scenery, mountain air, and all the light-mindedness and amusement of an exclusively French watering-place. The antiquarian can combine business with pleasure; for while he sits in the shade at one of the little white-topped tables outside the Café […]

Superstitions of Auvergne: Part 1

“All nations have their omens drear,  Their legends wild of woe and fear…” -Sir Walter Scott (1808) An interesting list of Auvergnat folk traditions was collected in the nineteenth century by the French folklorist and writer Antoinette Bon.  The English version, translated by Mary Osborn, first appeared in 1890. I have abridged the list slightly, […]