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Where to Stay: Bois de Luna

Situated in Livradois-Forez National Park, the eco-friendly glamping getaway Bois de Luna is one of Auvergne’s best-kept secrets.

A Wellness Paradise: Mont-Dore and the Fountain of Youth

Mont Dore is a charming resort for the tourist, the holiday-maker, the rest-seeker who wishes for lovely scenery, mountain air, and all the light-mindedness and amusement of an exclusively French watering-place. The antiquarian can combine business with pleasure; for while he sits in the shade at one of the little white-topped tables outside the Café […]

A Getaway on the Lake: What to do in Aydat

You are now in the real Auvergne country as you near Lake Aydat that shines through its fringing firs-red soil, stunted shrubs, and, all round, rocks that look as though they have been hurled by giants in the last æons-ago eruption. -Robert Herring With its beaches, nature trails, and shoreline restaurants, Lake Aydat is one […]